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For other options or a custom quote for any exhibit please contact your KMG representative.

Tradeshow Services & Exhibits

Don’t be the company that regrets having to go to the show and only goes because the competition is going…be the company that goes with an incredible and focused exhibit and a thoughtful tradeshow marketing plan that generates business for years to come!

Tradeshow Services

  • Pre-show: Thoughtful, strategic trade show planning is essential to achieving your exhibiting goals and maximizing your return on investment, which includes both your money and time. KMG can create a comprehensive tradeshow calendar for your company, coordinate registration, manage your show book & deadlines, create a comprehensive tradeshow marketing plan that includes attire, scripts, giveaways, private events and travel arrangements. By using many media types we can also create pre-show contact plan with your current customers, potential customers and attendees to let them know you will be at the show and why they should take the time to stop by and see your staff and learn more about your products or services.
  • At-show: The KMG staff can attend a show to coordinate the Install & Dismantle of your exhibit, direct a private event to showcase your products to select clients, and even join your staff as part of the show floor team.
  • Post-show: The #1 mistake tradeshow exhibitors make is failure to contact leads from the show. The attendees see hundreds if not thousands of exhibitors at a show and what seemed like a great fit for them on the floor maybe soon forgotten after the trip home where it’s business as usual. Using several types of media KMG will help coordinate post-show follow-up with your leads. We can assist with exhibit storage, script writing for your follow-up calls, final reporting on your shows success and more!
    ? Consulting: Many times our clients have a paid staff member that coordinates tradeshows and more often than not this person is not a marketing professional. Also, many of our clients already own exhibits but are still unclear of their “plan” for their upcoming tradeshow season. KMG offers “consulting only” services that allows us to team with your in-house coordinator, company management and staff to devise a strategic plan that will propel your company to a higher ROI from the show

Tradeshow Exhibits

  • New & Custom:
    • Pop-ups & Panel Systems: Many clients prefer the ease of a tradeshow exhibit that is portable or pre-determined by expert exhibit designers. These pop-ups and panel systems allow incredibly quick and simple installation and most often reduce fees associated with I&D, shipping and drayage. KMG offers many lines of these types of systems from extremely economical to outstandingly durable models. Browse our galleries to see great examples of what we offer and contact your KMG representative for a custom quote on the perfect solution for your company.
    • Custom Exhibits: KMG has the experience to create innovative and creative ways to make your company stand out in the crowd. Using modular materials, fabrics and lighting our exhibit designers can provide you with a custom design of your dream exhibit. By working with one of our professionals you could be on the road to a fabulous, custom exhibit that reflects your goals.
  • Rentals & Lease
    • Rentals: Kass Marketing Group has a warehouse with numerous rental options. This gives our clients the option of rental as well as purchase. From pop-ups to full custom panel exhibits we can provide a last minute solution for a last minute show and/or offer an alternative to purchasing your exhibit by offering you a rental program that meets all of your needs. If we don’t have it in stock we have aligned with partners all over the world that can have the pieces you need for custom rental exhibit that you can imagine.
    • Lease: In today’s economy it is important for marketing and sales divisions to focus on the bottom line. Many times that means that funding is cut and new exhibits aren’t always in the budget. KMG has leasing alternatives that can create financial solutions that leave your capital in the bank. Ask us about these great solutions.
  • Refurbish: Many times an exhibit needs a little TLC before the big show. Let KMG refurbish an existing booth and make it new again. Many times by refurbishing an older booth, updating the graphics and maybe adding a few new elements, it will feel like you have an entirely new exhibit with a new look and message at a fraction of the cost.
  • Storage: We continue to offer excellent service after your show by offering storage programs for all of our clients. We can ship and receive your exhibit after a show and do pre and post show inspections if needed.

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"Kris worked with me at Vercom Software, helping us with our annual trade show in Chicago. We found her advice very professional, ranging from selecting the right booth, designing effective graphics, to how we would draw traffic to the booth and then work in the booth. But she was more than that, much more. Kris helped us through the inevitable budget trade-offs faced during this process, helped us reduce costs by finding a better carpet provider and other more effective alternatives to buying from the show company. She also really understands what goes on before, during and after a trade show. She knows how to get the show management company and exhibition hall workers to cooperate. She helped us put procedures in place to get not only more but higher quality prospects. She knows and anticipates the little things that can go wrong and negatively impact our show results. Murphy's Law is always lurking in the wings; Kris either helped us avoid these small but important "little things" or helped us through them when they occurred. Her attention to detail is excellent. She also has excellent contacts for producing the graphics and any collateral marketing materials needed for the show or for show publicity. Although I usually did some of the time-consuming direct coordination with the show management firm, I could clearly see that if you wanted her to handle everything and outsource the show to her, she would do a fine job.” May 1, 2007

John Knowlton
Primac/Vercom Software

“Kristin and all the team at KMG are energetic, creative trade show marketing coordinators. I've seen them pull together a booth for a major trade show with a few weeks' notice--and the booth was wildly successful! I constantly use their ideas as a source of inspiration for my own clients and my own trade show marketing. No matter what your budget, if you have a chance to use KMG, you should snap them up.”

Heidi Miller
Trade Show Spokesperson/Podcast Consultant , Heidi Miller Presentations

“Everyone at KMG has a wonderful personality ready to help you with your tradeshow needs of all kinds. If it can happen to you, she's probably already dealt with it before and you could benefit from her experience. Whatever aspect of a tradeshow you need help with from design, to travel logistics, to exhibit day, to proper follow-up, she can do it or works with folks who can. Give her a call.”

Phillip Crum

“Kris helps companies significantly improve their business show results. She combines creativity with flawless execution to insure success. She's a valued business partner. Great Results , High Integrity , Creative.”

Larry Austin